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CN 11-3017/P

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"CT Theory and Applications" is a professional academic journal co-sponsored by the Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, and Nuctech Company Limited. The journal was founded in 1992 and mainly publishes innovative research results in CT theory and application, reflecting CT technology's domestic and international frontier and progress.


The journal publishes articles on theory and methods, geophysical CT, industrial CT, medical CT, review and information. It is a forum for scientific and technical personnel engaged in CT theory and application research and an area for university teachers and students to exchange academic ideas. It is also a valuable source for books and related departments like libraries. 


"CT Theory and Applications" is one of the few specialty Journals that publish academic research results in the field of CT theory and applied science and technology in both Chinese and English. Since its very first issue in 2004, the journal has been included in the "Chinese Science and Technology Papers Statistical Source Journal," the core journals of China's science and technology.


The journal mainly publishes in the following fields.

        ● Innovative Development in CT theory

        ● Domestic and International Frontiers and progress of CT technology

        ● Application of CT Technology in Detecting the Earth's Internal Structure

        ● Application of CT technology in industry and engineering

        ● Application of CT technology in safety inspection

        ● Medical Imaging and Image Processing

        ● Application of CT technology in medicine

        ● Application of CT technology in archaeology, agriculture and other fields


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