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Carbonate Rock Physical Property Parameter Substitution Method Based on Rock Physics Models
MA Lingbo, ZHANG Jiajia, ZHANG Guangzhi, GU Yipeng
2024, 33(3): 273-288. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.185
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Seismic Numerical Simulation Based on Half-precision Floating-point Number Optimization and OpenMP
LIU Wenge, TU Wenmao, MOU Qisong, CHEN Kang, ZHOU Milu
2024, 33(3): 289-297. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.177
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Experimental Design of Effect of Grinding Media on Three-Dimensional Morphology of Products Based on Micro-CT
XIE Weining, LIN Shengmao, WANG Shuai, FENG Zhiyong
2024, 33(3): 299-308. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.182
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Based on the Effect of Different Pitches on Neck CTA Radiation Dose and Image Quality under Automatic Tube Current Modulation Technology
WANG Chensi, HONG Yao, FANG Huimin, DING Xuelu, YANG Yifan, TIAN Xiangbao, CHEN Wenjing, WANG Yongsheng
2024, 33(3): 309-315. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.148
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Predicting Lung Nodule Growth with Shape Transformation and Texture Learning
MA Li, HUANG Dehuang, WANG Yanfang
2024, 33(3): 317-324. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.167
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Artificial Intelligence-assisted Diagnosis in Detecting Lung Nodules and Differentiating Benign from Malignant Nodules
SU Yinchen, ZHANG Xiaoqin
2024, 33(3): 325-331. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.128
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The Value of Radiomics Based on Spectral CT Iodine Map for Diagnosing Cervical Lymph Node Metastasis in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
WANG Rui, JIN Dan, XU Liang, NI Xiaoqiong, WANG Yeqing, FAN Guohua
2024, 33(3): 333-342. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2022.242
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Radiomics-based Nomogram for Predicting Invasiveness of Subsolid Pulmonary Nodules
XUE Ruihong, WU Tingting, CHAI Jun, ZHANG Yujie, LIANG Enhe, ZHENG Zhiqiang
2024, 33(3): 343-350. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.213
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Quantitative Indexes and Clinical Studies of Lung HRCT in Patients with Anti-MDA5 Antibody-positive Iims with Different Prognoses and Clinical Studies
ZHANG Mingxia, LI Ling, GAO Lan, WANG Yuhua, SUN Ying, SUN Lei, HUO Meng, ZHANG Chunyan, WANG Rengui
2024, 33(3): 351-358. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.217
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Diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex with Multiple Organ Involvement using Computer Tomography: A Clinical Case Analysis
LI Yun, XIE Kun
2024, 33(3): 359-364. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.112
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Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnosis of Intracranial Solitary Fibrous Tumor: A Clinical Case Analysis
YAN Xin, ZHAO Jianhua
2024, 33(3): 365-370. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.126
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Research Progress on Radiology in Spread Through Air Space in Lung Cancer
XU Chi, SHEN Yuwen, SHI Yiqiu, LI Ming, LIU Kefu
2024, 33(3): 371-376. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.140
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Enhancing Esophageal Cancer Prognosis and Treatment Evaluation: Recent Advances in Computed Tomography Radiomics
2024, 33(3): 377-383. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.155
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The Application of Radiomics in the Prognosis of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
2024, 33(3): 385-390. DOI: 10.15953/j.ctta.2023.071
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