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Guide for Authors

Submission of an article implies that the author(s) consent with the editorial board on the following items if no conditions are specified. 

1. The submission is approved by all authors and by the responsible entities where the study was carried out. The manuscript is original work and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. No content infringes the copyright or other rights of others in the manuscript.

2. The author(s) guarantees that the content of the manuscript does not involve confidentiality issues. For manuscripts submitted by authors of secret-related entities, such as public security, military, and other institutions or scientific research institutions, the authors should prove that the manuscript is not secret-related.

3. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, unless otherwise specified by the author, the exclusive publishing rights, compilation rights, distribution rights, and network communication rights are conventionally granted to the journal "CT Theory and Applied Research," and the authors have other rights in the copyright of the paper.

Manuscript Guideline

1. The manuscript expresses explicit opinions, provides reliable evidence, and structures well with concise arguments in accurate and standard language.  

2. Abbreviations. Abbreviations in foreign languages must comply with international standards. The abbreviations appear the first time in the text; both full name and Chinese meaning must be provided.

3. Measurements, symbols, units, and numerical precisions

● The measurement name, symbol, and unit in the papers used in the journal shall adopt national standards.

● Measurement, symbols representing variables, and symbols of the coordinate axis must be in italics; subscripts of measurement symbols, if they are "variables," should be in italics and are otherwise in standard text. 

● The first appearance of measurement symbols in the text, the symbolized name, and the unit must be indicated. ● Vectors and matrices are in black italic. 

● Tensors are in Flower italic. 

● The name and symbol of the unit should adopt the international standard system, and the symbol of the unit must be in the common format. 

● Commonly used mathematical symbols (base e of natural logarithms, pi ratio, transpose T, differential d, etc.) will arrange the regular body. 

● The values mentioned in the text, except for special requirements, must be generally accurate to 3 decimal places.

4. Figures or Artwork

● Attach necessary artwork to the manuscript. The artworks should be scientific, conform to specifications, be clear and beautiful, and be ready to use. All artworks should use a minimum of 300 dpi. 

● Name and number of each illustration must be marked clearly. The number and title in both Chinese and English are beneath the drawing, in small size 5 Song Fonts. The coordinate axis is expressed in the standard form of "measurement symbol/unit," such as f/Hz, v/(m·s-1). 

● The content in the picture should use the No. 6 Song font. For maps involving country borders, they must meet the map publishing requirements set by China. If necessary, add pictures and notes, and use the No. 6 Song font for images and notes.

5. Tables

● A three-line meter should be used. Auxiliary lines can be added when necessary.

● The number and title of each table are placed above the table (Small No. 5 Song Font), in both Chinese and English.

● Measurement symbols and units in the table should use size 6 Song Font.

● Figues and tables could embed in text or be submitted in separate files.

6. Statistics and Simulations

● Statistics tests should be provided for any content involving mathematical statistics or model simulation in the paper. For example: "The results of this article are the same/higher/lower as those of the literature [1]", a test of the mean of a single sample should be given.

● If a problem of comparing the means of two populations is necessary, a test of the mean of an independent sample or a paired sample should be given. For example, if the paper involves regression models, the model and model parameters should be provided, as well as the goodness of fit of the model.

7. References

● Submitted manuscripts should follow copyright law.

● Any references cited must be given in full, including citing other people's materials, data, methodoloty, graphics, results, and conclusions.

● The description format of the reference documents shall adopt the "sequential coding system." For details of the description format, please refer to the "Contribution Style of "CT Theory and Application Research" (available from the editorial department).”

8. Other

● Please submit the fund source, name, number of the research work of the thesis.

● An introduction of the first author and corresponding authors within 200 words (see the submission style) and a recent 1-inch colored standard photo.


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