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Comparison of Four Iterative Algorithm Based on Incomplete Projection Reconstruction
QUE Jie-min, WANG Yan-fang, SUN Cui-li, WEI Cun-feng, SHI Rong-jian, WEI Long
2012, 21(2): 169-178.
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A New Reconstruction Iterative Algorithm on Fan Beam CT
LIU Miao-ling, LIU Chang, QIU Jun
2012, 21(2): 179-185.
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A Fast Algebraic Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Improved Projection Coefficient Computation
YANG Wen-liang, WEI Dong-bo
2012, 21(2): 187-195.
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Visualization CT of Characteristics Formation and Stability of Foam of Porous Media
2012, 21(2): 197-204.
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Improved Phase Shift and Phase Shift Interpolation Method Research
XUE Hua, ZHAO Xian-sheng
2012, 21(2): 205-212.
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Thin Sand Thickness Predicting Technique Based on the Theory of Linear Transitional Medium
WEN Huan, XU Feng, ZHAO Ying-jie, CHENG Suo
2012, 21(2): 213-220.
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Logging Interpretation and Application Based on Three-water Model in Fractured Tight Sand Reservoirs
XU Xue-feng
2012, 21(2): 221-229.
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Orientation Correction Study for Horizontal Components in Marine Multi-component Seismic Exploration Based on Amplitude Method
LIU Yi-feng, FU Dan-dan
2012, 21(2): 231-238.
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Basis Function Approach to Computerized Tomography
2012, 21(2): 239-246.
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Ring Artifact Correction Method Based on Air Scan for Cone-beam CT
ZHANG Hua, HUANG Kui-dong, SHI Yi-kai, LI Ming-jun
2012, 21(2): 247-254.
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Reserching on Geometric Correction of Concrete CT Image
DING Wei-hua, LEI Man, GUO Rui
2012, 21(2): 255-261.
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The Features of Traumatic Intrahepatic Biloma on CT and MRI
DING Zhang-qing, LI Jun, SUN Ying-ying
2012, 21(2): 263-267.
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The Imaging and Pathological Analysis of Extranodal Lymphoma in Head and Neck
ZHANG Jian-xin, YANG Xiao-tang, WANG Yan-yan, CHEN Mai-lin, WANG Jun
2012, 21(2): 269-276.
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The Application Value of Susceptibility Weighted Imaging in Patients with Early Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Hemorrhagic infarction
XU Peng-jun, JIANG Qing-jun, LI Jie, ZHU Ming, YU Bing-bing, YANG Xiao
2012, 21(2): 277-282.
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Diagnostic Value of <sup<18</sup<F-FDG PET/CT for Gynecological Malignancies
DENG Kai, DONG Gui-qing, ZHANG Cheng-qi, WANG Guang-li, LIU Qing-wei, SONG Ji-qing
2012, 21(2): 283-289.
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The Value of 64-slice Spiral CT Angiography in Diagnosing Aortic Dissection
ZHUANG Gao-ming, YE Hai-ming, LIN Bo-miao, YE Qiang
2012, 21(2): 291-296.
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CT Findings and Cause Analysis of Tuberculosis Nodules or Masses Misdiagnosed as Lung Cancer
CHEN Yin-yin, CHEN Wei-tang, CHEN Ying-feng
2012, 21(2): 297-303.
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Pitch Optimizing Combination of Thoracic and Abdominal CTA Image Quality and Radiation Dose Discussion
ZHANG Hai-bo, FU Chuan-ming, CHEN Lun-gang, XU Lin, WANG Kai-hua
2012, 21(2): 305-311.
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Magnetic Resonance Imanging Diagnosis of Limbs Lymphangioma
JIANG Li-hua, CHEN Xiao-bo, YUE Yun-long, ZHAO Li-jun, DUAN Yong-li, FU Yan
2012, 21(2): 313-319.
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Correlation Analysis between Low Body Mass Index and Image Quality Using PGA CT Technique
ZHAO Lei, WANG Ze-feng, LIU Ai-shi
2012, 21(2): 321-327.
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