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Analysis of Scattering in Triple-source Cone-beam CT Based on Monte Carlo Method
YANG Zhen-yu, LÜ Yang, ZHAO Jun
2012, 21(1): 1-9.
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A Method for the Local Reconstruction of Flat Object Based on FDK Algorithm
WANG Xian-chao, WANG Lin-yuan, LI Lei, YAN Bin
2012, 21(1): 11-18.
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Model Experiment for Reflection and Refraction Velocity CT of Natural Earthquake
CHEN Li-cheng, TANG Tang, WU Fa-en, WANG Li-chun, FENG Guo-chen
2012, 21(1): 19-26.
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Study of Method in Core Analysis by NMRI
LANG Dong-jiang, LÜ Cheng-yuan, LUN Zeng-min, SHANG Gen-hua, PAN Wei-yi
2012, 21(1): 27-35.
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Defects Location Method of CT Image Based on Similarity Transformation
YU Guang-hui, LU Hong-yi, ZHU Min, WANG Xing-bo, WANG Hong-ling
2012, 21(1): 37-42.
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Weld Defect Classification and Recognition of the In-service Pipeline Based on BP Neural Network
WANG Dao-kuo
2012, 21(1): 43-52.
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Extraction of ROI from CT Liver Based on Entropy Image Segmention Algorithm
LI Ling, YE Hua-shan, YU Hou-qiang
2012, 21(1): 53-60.
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Location of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in CT Pulmonary Images
2012, 21(1): 61-65.
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Low Dose 64-slice CT Coronary Angiography with Retrospective ECG Gating: A Clinical Study
GAO Jie, ZHANG Xue-feng
2012, 21(1): 67-72.
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MSCT Manifestations Analysis and Diagnostic Value of Retroperitoneal Stromal Tumors
LI Xiao-li, KOU Wen-chao, CHEN Ping-you
2012, 21(1): 73-80.
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MSCT One-stop Recombination in Lumbar Disease Diagnosis Application Value
ZHANG Hai-bo, HU Xi-yao, FU Chuan-ming, XU Lin, WANG Kai-hua
2012, 21(1): 81-88.
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Influence of Different Injection Rates of Contrast Medium with 64-slice Helical CT on Effect of Liver Arterial Phase Enhanced Scanning
XIA Zhen-ying, CHEN Feng, LI Hong-jun
2012, 21(1): 89-96.
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Improved Imaging in Lumbar Facet Joint Degeneration in the Clinical Understanding
ZHAO Yun, ZHANG Hai-bo, XU Lin, CHEN Lun-gang, WANG Kai-hua, XU Jian
2012, 21(1): 97-104.
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The Application of Whole Body Diffusion Weighted Imaging with Background Body Signal Suppression in the Diagnosis of Thoracic Tumorous Lesions
YIN Xiao-ming, CHANG Xin, DENG Mao-song, DENG Gang, FENG Chen-lu, WANG Meng, ZENG Qing-yu
2012, 21(1): 105-118.
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MSCT Features of Diffuse Panbronchiolitis
XIAO Shu-kai, BAI Jun, XIANG Zi-yun
2012, 21(1): 119-124.
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The Value of DSCT in Quantitative Assessment of Left Ventricular Function of Coronary Heart Disease with T2DM
PENG Dong-hong, SHEN Bi-xian, TAN Si-ping, PENG Ke-wen, HUANG An-rong, CHEN Sheng-ji
2012, 21(1): 125-132.
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New Advances of Compressed Sensing in Medical Image Reconstruction
JIAO Peng-fei, LI Liang, ZHAO Ji
2012, 21(1): 133-147.
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New Progress of Post 64 Slice CT for Coronary Artery
ZHAO Yi-qin, ZU De-gui, ZENG Qing-yu
2012, 21(1): 149-155.
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Review of the Application of Computed Tomography Technology in Safety Inspection Domain
ZHENG Jin-zhou, LU Shao-dong
2012, 21(1): 157-165.
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