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The Correction of Motion Artifact with fMRI Using Image Registration
Zu Donglin, He Qiang, Luo Qingfei, Jin Zhen, Bao Shanglian
2001, 10(4): 1-3.
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Research and Comparison on Several CT Reconstruction Algorithms
Zhang Peng, Zhang Zhaotian
2001, 10(4): 4-9.
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The Cross-well Seismic Computerized Tomography Technology and It's Application in The Cavern Survey
Sun Yuejun, Yu Guozhu, Shi Gui, Liu Wenxiang
2001, 10(4): 10-13.
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Applications of Industry CT in Porosity Analysis of Composite Material
Cao Yuling, Sun Lingxia
2001, 10(4): 14-17.
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Applications of Microtek 9800xl Scanner at Medical Treatment Image Figure
Jiang Qiang
2001, 10(4): 18-21.
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CBS Image Reconstruction BasedOn Filtered Backprojection
Huang Feng, Shao Likang, Ding Houben, Shen Jianhua, Shi Guochuan
2001, 10(4): 22-25.
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Direct Reconstruction of CBS and Image Treatment
Yang Qiyu, Shao Likang, Ding Houben, Shen Jianhua, Shi Guochuan, Huang Feng
2001, 10(4): 26-30.
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Malfunction Servicing of Philips T5-NT MRI Set
Liu Hong, Liu Ying
2001, 10(4): 31-32.
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CT scanning and Nursing for Cranio-cerebral Trauma and Its Technique Analysis
Huang Liling
2001, 10(4): 33-34.
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Preliminary Study of Diagnosing Carcinoma of Larynx Using High-frequency Ultrasound and Color Doppler Flow Imaging
Cai Jiaqiang, Cui Jianhua
2001, 10(4): 35-37.
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Functions of Multi-row Helical CT Using in Medical Diagnosis
Yan Gang
2001, 10(4): 38-41.
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The CT Image of Stomach Tumor
Zhang Juwu
2001, 10(4): 42-45.
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