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CN 11-3017/P
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Examining Quality of Retaining Wall Made of Mortar and Stones by Means of Comparing Spectrum of Elastic Reflection Wave Frequncy
ZHONG Shi-hang
2002, 11(1): 1-5.
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The Character Analysis of True and False Approximate Resistivity Anomaly in Numerical Modeling of 3-D Geo-electrical Model
QIANG Jian-ke, XIONG Bin, RUAN Bai-yao
2002, 11(1): 6-9.
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The Identification of A Light Substance Based On Digital Radio-Graph Technology
HAN Yu-sheng, LUO Ya, DING Hou-ben, SHAO Li-kang, LIAO Nan, ZHU Ping-an
2002, 11(1): 10-12.
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Medical Image Archive and Communication Solution
ZHAO Wei-dong, RUAN Chang-jing
2002, 11(1): 13-16.
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Significince of Pattern and Expressions of CD44V6 in Larygeal Carcinomas
SUN Wei-ying, YUAN Jian-hua, SHI Ming-ying
2002, 11(1): 17-19.
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A Study on the Curative Evaluation of Demacular Cosmetics by Skin Image Analysis System
MENG Ru-song, CAI Rui-kang, ZHAO Guang, MA Hui-jun, ZHOU Fu-gen, JIANG Zhi-guo, ZHAO Yu
2002, 11(1): 20-25.
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Achievement and Study of Three-Dimensional Structure to Pigmented Nevus
MA Hui-jun, ZHAO Guang, MENG Ru-song, JIANG Zhi-guo
2002, 11(1): 26-29.
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Preliminary Application of Muitisiice CT in Central Pulmonary Embolism
XU Kai, LI Jiang-shan, RONG Yu-tao, CHENG Guang-jun, REN Zhong-qing, FENG Shou-xin
2002, 11(1): 30-33.
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CT Diagnosis and.Differentiation of The Cirrhotic Nodules
HUANG Shao-quan
2002, 11(1): 34-35.
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The Basic Studies and Current Status in Image of Acute Radiation Induced Pulmonary Injury
LI Shao-dong
2002, 11(1): 36-39.
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Analysis of CT Imaging in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
PENG Ji-dong, JIANG Hai-qing, LEI Jian
2002, 11(1): 40-43.
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The New Advances of CT Machine,Image After-treatment Techniqueand and Related Information
HE Ping-xia, ZHANG Yu-hua
2002, 11(1): 44-47.
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